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[heading size=”5″ heading_class=”content_heading”]100% SECURE[/heading]

We offer warehousing and distribution services in all over the world serving diverse sectors. We operate a varied range of facilities in different locations depending on the market requirements.


This includes setting up high quality infrastructure in many developing markets where there is a shortage of good quality facilities. Our aim is to create a platform for customers to have clean, safe and secured warehousing environment with specific focus on hygiene and Health, Safety, Security and the Environment (HSSE).

[heading size=”5″ heading_class=”content_heading”]SPACE AND MORE SPACE[/heading]

Our facilities amount to more than 50,000 square metres of premium multi-temperature storage with web-enabled inventory tracking and storage for standard pallet, shelved, hanging garment and bulk commodities.


We also provide all necessary value added services to customers from under the same roof such as stickering, co-packing, warranty card insertions, quality control, batching and sequencing, to name a few.


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